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Martin Squires - fine artists obsessed by motor powered transport.

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With a natural talent for painting, Martin has developed a distinctive style which evokes motoring days gone by. Inspired by vintage photographs with overexposed and high contrast imagery, Martin uses a variety of mediums to capture the pioneers and enthusiasts of the past and present.

As well as illustrating various modes of transport Martin takes an active interest in his various subjects using each piece as a chance to find out more about motoring history.

Having the opportunity to talk to enthusiasts and occasionally get the chance to see their collections is just as important to Martin as producing a piece of art as it gives him an opportunity to understand his subject, allowing him to produce accurate and pertinent tribute to every subject he paints.

Link to website: Martin Squires

Gary Margerum - photographer

Having picked up a camera while travelling and surfing in the late 1980s he began photographing landscapes in different continents when there was little or no swell. Fast forward a couple of years and he started to successfully exhibit some of these landscapes in galleries in the UK, it was at that point that he wanted to concentrate more on photography and develop his passion.


In recent years he has produced work for numerous leading lifestyle clients and motorcycle and clothing brands including Heritage Research, Barons Speed Shop, TSPTR and Eastman Leather (ELMC).


He cites working within media type magazines, marketing and lifestyle as a way of reinforcing his creativity and one of the forces that has kept his photography inventive, "....I'm always still proud to see my imagery representing the clients I work for in some of the leading magazines. This is still extremely important to me."

Link to website: Gary Margerum

Salmo - artist and graphic designer

Based in Taiwan, Salmo produces colourful and playful designs inspired by his passion for motorcycles and music.


He says " its a simple joy riding a motorcycles and playing music, time and other things seem to disappear"

The main idea behind his work is to deliver, warmth and freedom.

Link to website: Salmo Works

Alan Williams - metal artist

Alan's creative exploration began in his childhood, making fantastical hybrid creatures using old toys and a tube of glue.  Today he makes animals and creatures from mostly found and recycled metal; transforming every day objects into detailed, sculptural artworks.

His work is truly unique with exquisite detail and craftmanship. This work deserves to be seen close up as Alan's use of familiar materials sculpted together to create an entirely new form is fascinating.

His commissions include sculpture, architectural installations and furniture. And many of my public artworks are on display in several locations throughout England.

Here's link to website: Alan Williams


MJ Studio - photographer

Mihail Jershov has been a photographer for over ten years, however he discovered a passion for motorcycle reportage photography fairly recently while covering the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride in London three years ago.



The Motorcycling culture has captured his imagination, and has taken him to many exciting events including the Bike Shed show, Wheels and Waves, The Malle Mile and Dirtquake.

Link to website: MJ Studio

Ollie Place - artist

Ollie is an artist and motorbike lover.

Working predominantly with Indian ink and a dip pen, he creates highly detailed, hallucinogenic drawings based around some of his favourite bikes.


Ollie lives in St. Leonards and is the semi-proud owner of the UK's ropiest BMW K100.

Link to website: Ollie Place

Jun Takakuda - craftsman leathersmith

Jun creates leather items such as custom motorcycle seats, saddle bags, wallets, keyrings and cases etc. 


All his creations are hand-stitched and hand-carved one by one.  Each item is unique, distinctive and beautiful.  Jun is originally from Japan, however much of his work has been influenced by his travels to Arizona and New Mexico. 

His background gives his work a unique feel, by mixing Japanese, Native American and British influences.

After completing a mechanical engineering degree at university he started his career as a rollercoaster designer in Japan. There he met many inspiring people in this industry; architects, engineers, artists, photographers and craftsmen.

Link to website: Jun Takakuda

Ivo Ivanov  - photographer / retoucher

With more than 15 years photography / retouching experience, Ivo has worked on a variety of commercial advertising projects in Germany and United Kingdom, for clients such as BMW, Audi, VW, OPEL / Vauxhall.


In the last 5 years he's been working as a still life photographer / retoucher in London.

In his free time, his personal photography projects are closely related to motorcycling and its sub-culture.    

Link to website: Ivo Ivanov

Maxwell Paternoster - artist and illustrator

Maxwell is a freelance illustrator, artist and bike fan and has worked on many commissions for magazines including Dice and Sideburn, advertising and clothing projects, including Ruby helmets.

His personal project / website Corpses from Hell, was created to reflect his keen interests in anything related to bike art, bike painting and building.


Maxwell’s artwork is playful but he often hides darker themes in his illustrations than they first appear.

Link to website: Maxwell Paternoster

The Drawn Studio - prints and originals

The Drawn Studio are a collective of professional artists who are passionate about art that reflects our interests and lifestyles, and sharing what they love with like-minded people is what drives them.


They create realistic pencil and ink drawings using just HB and 2B mechanical pencils or the humble Bic Biro, but produce bold works with an emphasis on detail and strong light and shadow.

Link to website: The Drawn Studio

Fabio Affuso - photographer

Fabio Affuso is a London based photographer specialising in portraiture and reportage with a fashion edge.

Riding since the age of 13 in the backstreets of Naples, he is also a motorcycle enthusiast and amateur mechanic, who enjoys and shoots motorcycle culture for magazines, commercial clients and personal projects.


The gentlemen and gentlewomen populating Fabio’s pictures are often creatives, visionaries, cool impostors, free spirits and self-made plain eccentrics with a taste for style, who use fashion as a defining element of their personality and character.


Focusing on the daring and extrovert nature of men and women who live their lives to the fullest and often for pure enjoinment, Fabio’s work inspires a sense of freedom and wonder in a world where everything seems possible.

Link to website: Fabio Affuso

Adi Gilbert - illustrator and graphic designer

Adi is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. He's probably best known in the motorcycling scene for producing graphically powerful comical posters and flyers.


With over 15 years experience, his recognisable and distinctive style is used by clients around the world to promote their organisations and events.

99Seconds is the name of his studio and portfolio.

In his own words, Adi is stoked by bike, especially BMX and custom motorcycles. He digs the woods, creatures and the wilderness, surfing, heavy metal, new wave, old cars, art, photography and let all these things inspire his work.

Link to website: Adi Gilbert

Sam Christmas - Photographer

Since documenting a motorcycle road trip with friends from London to Biarritz 4 years ago and following up with a solo London exhibition 'Natural Habitats', which uncovered the emerging custom motorcycle scene in the UK, Sam's name has become synonymous with motorcycle culture.


Like his all time favourite film 'On Any Sunday', Sam has covered all aspects of motorcycle culture; from Guy Martin racing Pikes Peak to dirt biking in the Sahara desert.

He has also shot global campaigns for commercial clients such as Triumph, Edwin & Barbour International and has work regularly featured in magazines internationally including Dice, Sideburn, Tank, Moto Heroes, Cafe Racer, Rolling Stone and GQ.

As well as photographing bikes Sam loves riding and racing them, and is currently competing in the DTRA flat track series.

Link to website: Sam Christmas

Ryan Quickfall - illustrator

Ryan is an illustrator and designer based in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. His passion for classic cars, motorcycles and vintage race posters shines through in his work and his flawless style has attracted clients such as Sideburn Magazine, Guy Martin and Shutterstock. He also designs clothing for a number of popular brands, and Snoop Dogg / Lion has been spotted wearing one of his t-shirts (we love that!).

Ryan continues to freelance as an illustrator but his interest in establishing himself as an artist is steadily growing. Applying his skills to the production of permanent artistic products and experimenting with traditional printing and finishing techniques with beautiful results.

Link to website: Ryan Quickfall

Ben Cheshire - Mesh Silk Screen

Based in Bristol, UK

Mesh Silk Screen is a print workshop specialising in the production of fine art editions however they will and do print on pretty much anything. 

Ben Cheshire owner and founder; a keen motorcyclist and amateur tinkerer inspired by all things shiney and old.

All works are pulled by hand.

Link to website: Mesh Silk Screen

Brett Breckon - illustrator, graphic designer and painter

Brett graduated from Newport College of Art in 1980 and became a freelance illustrator. 

For many years airbrush was his medium of choice, but moved onto oil painting and gouache. Embracing computer technology, he also uses digital line art and an unrestricted palette to produce his creations.


Known for his bold, sharp and provocitive artworks, Brett's iconic and recognisable work is revered around the world.


Brett gets his inspiration from mythology, tales and legends, to dream up a wonderful world where motorcycles appear as magical creatures.

Link to website: Brett Breckon

Brett Ryder - illustrator

Brett is an accomplished and creative illustrator, producing surreal and sometimes zany images. 

He has always had a fascination with bygone medical journals, dusty advertising boards and the Haynes BSA 650 manual.

Such an assortment of taste in fine illustration combined with an ability to replace a four cylinder manifold with only a few 'minor' screws left over was always destined to have a profound influence on his work.

Link to website: Brett Ryder

David Hardy - artist & designer

David studied fine art at Winchester School of Art, where he developed his attention to detail and passion for art & design. After graduating David moved to London and exhibited his work internationally. After working at The Royal Society of Arts he went on to be resident graphic designer at London College of Fashion.

David now lives and works in Hastings. David shoots mainly with 35mm film, using an old Practika TL1000 manual SLR camera exploring the warmth, tonal quality and depth which can be missing from digital. 

Most if not all of Davids photographs are taken whilst on one of his motorbikes or scooters on various road trips around the UK & Europe. David's work is a record of pure engagement with the landscape.

Link to website: David Hardy

Jonny Wilson (Subsculptures) - photographer

Subsculptures is the photographic and sculptural work of Brighton based artist Jonny Wilson. 

Having studied Sculpture at University he found himself drawn back into the world of photography that he rebelled against (as that what his father did!) through his passion for old motorcycles, cars and choppers. 


Jonny has been documenting the UK and European traditional Chopper and Hot Rod scene for nearly 8 years and has had work featured in Dice Magazine, Greasy Kulture Magazine, 100% Biker, BSH and Classic American to name but a few.


He specialises in automotive, lifestlye, event and brands.

Link to website: Jonny Wilson


James Whiteman -  Prints

James would count himself more as a motorcycle enthusiast than anything creative.

On researching the history of his local but now defunct Hackney Wick speedway stadium, James discovered a series of historic programmes with striking covers, leading further down the rabbit hole and the idea to seek out the last 80 years’ most interesting designs from London teams and beyond.

Producing limited runs of the best as high quality, hand pulled screen prints has become an engaging side project that James hopes one day may supplement his two-wheeled habits.

Link to Instagram: James Whiteman


Claudia Liebenberg - painter and illustrator

Claudia started drawing and painting at a very young age. Born the eldest daughter of a wild black-haired motorhead, her love for motorcycles and surrounding lifestyle came from hanging out with her dad.

Although Claudia is an accomplished painter and illustrate of all subjects, her passion for motorcycle art is sentimental.

She likes the challenge painting a motorcycle presents, the intricate details, shapes, symmetry and the balance of ratios.

In her own words motorcycles represent " a symbol of doing life together to the full; struggling together, achieving together. A freedom shared. Be it knowledge or appreciation or a craftsman's contact, help and hand are as free as a smile". 

Link to website: Claudia Illustration