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Moto - Cinema

As part of the 'Revolution' exhibition there will be a 100 seater cinema within the gallery.

We will be screening short films from around the world made by film makers who have a passion for motorcycling, its life style and its colourful characters.

The films will be selected for visual content and narrative. Films will include inspirational road movies, bike builder profiles, documented events and we'll throw in some factual entertainment.

We aim to have a varied collection of films screening throughout the exhibition which will inspire, entertain and at times amuse.

List of Films & Film Makers

Pendine Sands - short film by Bastian Glaessner

Bastians work blends a refined consideration for humanity and emotion with a strong performance dimension to craft heartfelt and highly evocative films and imagery. Married with consistently daring visuals, Bastians body of work pushes into unexpected and enthralling territory, creating deeply atmospheric worlds while channeling the unexpected.

This unique vision has earned him numerous accolades including Cannes Titanium for his playful and pulse-pounding Crashes spot for Axe and D&AD Silver for Bjorks World Tour visuals.

His film Pendine Sands, can be perceived as avant guard, abstract and playful, but his imagery, editing, sound layers and post production techniques creates a visually fresh approach, which is absorbing and has a narrative.

Link to website: Bastian Glaessner

'Things That Can Kill You' - is a short documentary about the British artist Death Spray Custom… a man who’s iconic work has been seen on everything from motorbikes and helmets to racing cars and power tools.

Directed and Edited by Joe Marcantonio, Produced by Simon Aboud, Death Spray Custom and Dial M Films
Camera by Joe Marcantonio and Andrew Lawrence, Sound by Neil Johnston and Tom Joyce at Factory
Grade by Pat Wintersgill, Titles by Leo Marcantonio

Link to website: Death Spray Customs

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Oil In The Blood (Trailer) - made by Gareth Maxwell Roberts of MoliFilms

A feature film documentary charting the rapidly growing global subculture movement of custom bike building. The scene is counter-cultural, championed by many as a rejection of the big corporations. Through nostalgia tinted spectacles, it looks to the romance of motorcycling as a visceral, tactile pursuit, where bikers get their hands dirty, maintain and tune their own bikes, and need to have skills to ride a bike. This has grown as a grass-roots movement driven by people rather than corporations.

Oil In The Blood asks these questions to those who drive the culture - the builders, the riders, the artists, the photographers, the curators; the people who make the scene. It will explore the rich historical traditions that have collided and combined to create the phenomena, navigate the current creative landscape, and question what the future holds…

Link to website: MoliFilms

Chasing the Bullet - Chris Zahner

This film explores India’s long love affair with the Bullet, its mystique and its charm, told by a handful varying personalities and perspectives to paint a picture of what the Royal Enfield has meant, and still means to the people of India.


The concept of this film began as a modest project document - how this machine has affected a nation - a single man team with a lightweight camera, lighting and audio rig to traverse the subcontinent of India in search of the incredible stories this machine has to offer.

The project was launched on kickstarter at the end of 2014 and did not reach its funding goal. Not dissuaded, Chris left for India anyway with a meager amount of savings, determined to capture a people’s history of the Royal Enfield.

Link to website: Chasing the Bullet

Virginia's Harley 'A Girl's Bike' - Jay Cagney

Over the past year, Jay documented Virginia’s creation of her bike from a stock ’96 Harley XL 1200cc.

Through many hours of late nights, dirty fingernails and torn gloves, Virginia was able to complete the bike you see her riding today.

Jay's film covers about 6 months of the build as Virginia gained experience, pulled knowledge and advice from the people around her, and through information online.

Link to website: Jay Cagney

Mission Manx - Motor Circus

It’s the story of four ‘MotorCircus’ Berlin boys on vintage custom BMW motorcycles, taking a 4,000 kilometre road trip from the German capital to the Isle of Man, via Belgium, France and London.

Their intention was to travel to the Isle of Man, with no fixed points apart from a stop off at the Ace Café. They chose to travel “old-school”, on old bikes, carrying everything they needed either in the saddlebags or strapped down.

There approach promised a feeling of adventure and freedom.

Beautifully filmed and edited this film captures a true biking road trip.

Link to website: Motor Circus

Haven Press Brooklyn - is film about Ryan Quickfall working with Union Garage made by Roberto Serrini

Ryan is an illustrator from Newcastle, UK, he draws influence from B-Movie posters, comic book art, retro skate graphics and absolutely anything Motorcycle orientated.

Using his signature style of solid black line work and bold colours to create instantly recognisable illustration and graphics for apparel lines, branding, ad campaigns, event posters and book covers.

Roberto's film about Ryan tells the story of his passion, influences and artwork techinques. Shot in the UK and with Union Garage in Williamsburg, USA, Roberto cleverly uses graphic overlays to illustrate Ryan work.

Link to website: Roberto Serrini

Link to website: Union Garage

Stories of Bike - Cam Elkins has made an exceptional series of films about motorcyclists, their passion, life style and how bikes have change or have been integral in shaping their lives.   

Link to website: Stories of Bike

The Mighty Motor - 'The Musket'. Sinuhe Xavier directs a beautiful film about Max Hazan's latest machine called the 'Musket'. This is a slick film about Max and the way he builds his extraordinary bikes and his inspirations. Edited by Jackson Casimiro and a great sound track by Robot Repair.

Link to website: Sinuhe Xavier

Link to website: The Mighty Motor

Boutonniere - It’s been said that some motorcycles have souls, but how does a bike acquire its spirit? After watching countless moto movie cliches about how cool it is to be a biker or how badass a bike is (and producing their own stupid shit thereby contributing to the problem), the Handsome Asians Motorcycle Club put their heads together and decide to make a short film that focuses on an example of what it is that connects the biker to the bike.


Vargas Films is Paolo Asuncion (director, editor) and Rattler Productions is Luis Baptista, Frank Pascual, and Erik Pascual (producers). They have been making moto-centric films and documentaries for almost 10 years. It started with their fascination with motorcycles and the motorcycle culture and the desire to capture the events around them as sort of a video diary – something to watch and look back at when they got older.

In many ways, this is still the case as evidenced by their web series – The Handsome Asians Motorcycle Club – where they feature builds, rides, and individuals in the motorcycle community and their stories about life on two wheels.

Link to Facebook: Vargas Films

Moto Borgotaro - a short made by Roberto Serrini about the charismatic Pete Boggia owner of New York based Moto Borgotaro. Stylishly shot and edited with playful graphics and sound track, this film perhaps reflects Pete's personality.

Link to website: Moto Borgotaro

Link to website: Roberto Serini

Salt Pilot Speed - a film about passionate bike builder Mike Humeston. Produced and directed by Timothy Jones and Jonathan Cracroft, they capture Mike's ambitious project to build a bike for the Speed Week on the Boneville Salt flats in Utah. This crafted film unravels Mike's deep passion and determination to fulfil his dream.

Link to website: Grit Visual

Link to website: Jonathan Cracroft

Old Empire Motorcycles - one of the most creative custom builders in the UK. Alec and his team also produce some stylish video's which compliment their bikes. Their slick films capture lifestyle, fashion and their side of the motorcycling culture - but their bikes are always the star. 

Link to website: Old Empire Motorcycles

Cinema Mercantile Films - is a NY and Philadelphia collective of film makers. It celebrates the craftsmen and women who make and do. Those who walk a different path and march to the beat of a different drum.


One of their many films is about Hazan MotorWorks Brooklyn NY. A beautifully paced and photographed profile on one to the worlds outstanding custom motorcycle builders.

Link to website: Cinema Mercantile Films

Petrolicious - film makers of some exquisite stories about motorcycles, cars and their owners. They have a huge catalogue of films from vintage to modern classic vehicles.

Their films capture a personal passion and attachment owners have for their machines.

There stories vary from a restoration of a particular marque to a one-off machine of its time. Beautifully photographed with narrative and content, their film have continuity and a historic value.

Link to website: Petrolicious

Racing Cowboys 'Legenary Deus Ex Bike Builder' - a film about Michael Woolaway, known affectionately as 'Wollie'.

Woolie builds one-off bikes for Deus clients in the US. He has a background in motorcycle racing and uses his racing knowledge when building bikes. His skills, craftsmanship, eye for detail and style, suit the high standard of Deus machines he produces.

This film explores his take on bike building, the process and sourcing the components to build his stunning bikes. 

Link to website: Racing Cowboys

Nash Motorcycle Company - a short film about Taber Nash and his passion for building bad ass custom bikes.   

Link to website: Nash Motorcycle Company

See See Motorcycles - a couple of hilarious films about custom bike building. Through their film 'The Art of Bike' they capture the essence of the new custom builder scene, its philosophy, craftmenship and the use of grinders.

Their films illustrate Seesee's vision, culture and lifestyle.

Link to website: See See Motorcycles

Lossa Engineering 'Solus' - made by Ricki Bedenbaugh, this film is inspirational. Set to classical music and strong visuals, the film captures the freedom of riding at night in an empty city.  

Link to website: Lossa Engineering

Shinya Kimura @ Chabott Engineering - a short film directed and filmed by Henrik Hansen. Stylishly filmed, this is an insight into one of the worlds revered custom bike builders. Although quite and unassuming, Henrik manages to capture Shinya's philosophy on life and what bike building means to him.  

Link to website: Henrik Hansen

Blitz Motorcycles - is a Paris based custom garage founded by Fred Jourden and Hugo Jezegabel in 2010.

They are hugely respected custom bike builders and have become a major brand. They have made many video's about their bike builds, motorcycle culture and their biking adventures. We will be screening some of their short films.

Link to website: Blitz Motorcycles

Giovanni BurlandoUgo Roffi's touching film about Italian motorcycle racer Giovanni Burlando. Giovanni is now 75 years old and competed in over 850 motorcycle races with some of the best competitors in the world, such as Agostini and Pasolini.

Riding on the Doria-Creto path, he tells about his prizes, contests and his overwhelming passion for motorcycles.

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